Cloud PenTM Paragon Limited Edition Chris Dyer Art

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Chris Dyer, Visionary Artist, Limited Edition Pen.

Chris Dyer grew up in Lima, Peru up to the age of 17 and then moved to Canada to study art for several years. He’s now based in Montreal, where he works as a freelance artist. Chris is better known as the artist who does colorful detailed spiritual expressions on recycled skateboards. But he also is pretty active in spraypainting murals worldwide. His canvas paintings are also soulful expressions that have been exhibited in solo and group shows in several galleries around the world including San Francisco, New York, Mexico, Peru, Belgium, Paris, and all over Canada and the United States.

Other than his fine art, Chris also is art director for California’s Creation Skateboards and doesgraphics for them and many other skateboard companies, along other commercial work like CD covers, t-shirts designs, magazine illustrations and advertisements, etc.

Chris’ positive creations have been featured in several magazines all over the world, as well as a few books. A full feature movie of his life and art was also released, as well as a coffee table art book by Schiffer Publishing.

The Paragon by Cloud Pen is the world’s first ever vape pen to feature a built in No Goo Jar and an air control valve for adjusting air flow. This makes Paragon one of the finest and most unique vape pens, enhancing your vaping experience tenfold. The Paragon Vape Pen was designed to boast features that have never been featured on a vape pen before. The idea was simple: to make a vape pen that all vapers love and to enhance their vaping experience. The creators behind this innovative vape pen worked endlessly to create a single vaping device that would have all the elements of an ideal vape pen – and thus, Paragon was born. Paragon’s first unique feature is the built in No Goo Silicone Jar. This type of jar is known for its non-stick characteristic, easily storing any material and stored discreetly at the bottom of the Paragon . The second unique feature of Paragon Vape Pen is the air control valve that allows you to adjust air flow to your liking. Paragon utilizes a 2200 mAh battery that only takes 3 hours to charge and gives you long vaping hours. You can choose between three different temperatures. The battery is universal, made to fit all tanks and mods available. The Paragon also boasts the biggest chamber in the game , accentuated with dual quartz rod and a TI coil wrap.