Welcome to Cloud Pen

Cloud Pen is a Los Angeles company pioneered by CEO Brett Albanese. Established in 2012, it has quickly become one of the most influential electronic vaporizer companies in the industry, thanks in great part to its strong line of Cloud Pen® Vaporizers.

As the electronic vaporizer industry grows more complex, Cloud Pen secures their place in the industry with new technology and patent pending innovations.

Our Promise to you

Cloud Pen is proud to stand by its products, that’s why all pen batteries are backed by a 1year (12 month) warranty.

Customer satisfaction is the number one priority. No issue is too big or too small for customer care. support@cloudpenz.com

Why Cloud Pen?

Our quality and expert design have made Cloud Pen nationally recognized as the leading brand of hand held vaporizers. Winner of several High Times Cannabis Cup awards, #1 Best Vaporizer in 2016 in Michigan and #2 Best Vaporizer in 2016 in California. Time after time Cloud Pen has proven it’s a superior quality product.

The styles, colors and designs are carefully to meet the high standard of the brand. After all, getting a Cloud Pen Vaporizer means outstanding quality and a great design.

Our Patents

Cloud Pen has design patents in China for the rectangular design of their atomizer, and a design patent in the U.S. for various configurations of the atomizer. These patents assure that Cloud Pen technology can’t be found anywhere else.

Benefits of Vaping

Regulations on medical and recreational marijuana are changing rapidly, and as more people turn to marijuana for the medical benefit, vaporizers are becoming one of the most popular delivery system. They’re easy to use, have minimum odor, and are very discreet. New technology now allows users to regulate the strength of the vapor being dispensed.

An electronic vaporizer is one of the healthiest delivery methods available. The vape system eliminates many toxins and carcinogens; the user only inhales the active ingredients. For regular users, a vaporizer drastically cuts down on the risk of various smoking related diseases.